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What Can the Lexus Mobile App Do?

With the Lexus app, the Lexus ownership experience just got easier and more connected. What's the Lexus app? It's a mobile application from which you can manage your vehicle and get maintenance reminders when your Lexus is due for service. You can even check your Lexus model's odometer, fuel level and enroll in Lexus Enform connected services from this app. Driving a new Lexus is more than making a statement, it's about being at the cutting edge of technology. Visit our Lexus dealership in Hingham, MA, now to experience the Lexus mobile app in action.

What Is Lexus Enform Remote?

What Is Lexus Enform Remote?

Lexus Enform Remote allows you to lock and unlock your doors, start the engine and locate where your vehicle's parked all from the Lexus app. Want to monitor guest drivers or check your model's status? With Lexus Enform Remote, that information is only a tap or click away. To find out all that Lexus Enform Remote can do, visit our Hingham Lexus dealership today.

How to Download the Lexus App?

It doesn't matter if you have an Apple® or Android™ device, as the Lexus app can be downloaded from either. If you have an Apple smartphone, you can get this feature in the Apple App Store. And if you have an Android phone, the app can be found on the Google play store. Need more help downloading the Lexus application? Watch the video below for a detailed, how-to tutorial.

Other Lexus Mobile Applications:

  • Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0 -- Stream your favorite music, check nearby fuel prices and so much more with this application. All your favorite mobile apps now work from your vehicle's center-console display with this technology.
  • Lexus Financial Services -- When you buy a new Lexus through Lexus Financial Services, you can use this handy mobile application to make a monthly payment or check the payoff amount of your vehicle. Need to speak to an expert? You can do so through the app.
  • Lexus Roadside Assistance -- Did your tire blow out or are you in need of immediate assistance? This app will give you enhanced peace of mind no matter where you go, as it can contact someone to help when you need it most.

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