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Is your Lexus lease about to reach maturity? If so, come to Herb Chambers Lexus of Hingham to explore your Lexus end-of-lease options. Our Lexus return center can help you with your lease-end process whether you want to keep driving your vehicle, trade it in for a newer model or simply turn it in and walk away. Get in touch with the finance team at our Hingham, MA, Lexus dealership, to explore your Lexus lease options today, and rest assured that we’ll make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Do I have to return my Lexus lease to the dealership I leased it from?

You can return your leased Lexus to any authorized Lexus return center, including Herb Chambers Lexus of Hingham. Whether you moved within Massachusetts, across the country or simply want to do business with us, we welcome the opportunity to help you with your lease return regardless of where you leased your Lexus from.

Can I schedule my Lexus pre-inspection with Herb Chambers Lexus of Hingham?

Yes. Whether you plan on purchasing, trading in or simply returning your Lexus lease, you can schedule a Lexus pre-inspection at our Hingham, MA, Lexus dealership. Schedule your Lexus pre-inspection here to prepare for your end-of-lease options.

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What are my options when my Lexus lease is about to end?

When your Lexus lease is about to end, you have three end-of-lease options:

  1. Purchase your leased Lexus. If you want to keep driving your beloved Lexus car or SUV for many miles to come, you can purchase it by working with our Lexus financing team. Buying your luxury car eliminates concerns about excess mileage or wear and tear charges and is a smart option for many buyers.
  2. Upgrade to a new Lexus model. If you want to return your Lexus so that you can get behind the wheel of a newer, different Lexus model, we can help.
  3. Return your leased Lexus. Have you decided to move on from your Lexus and don’t want or require a new car from our dealership? We understand. We’ll help you make the Lexus lease return process as simple as possible, and we’ll always be here for your future Lexus needs.
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Directions to Herb Chambers Lexus of Hingham Return Center

It’s easy to get to our Lexus lease return center in Hingham, MA. We’re located at 141 Derby St. in Hingham, MA, which makes us easy to get to from Hanover, Norwell, Scituate and beyond. Get directions here, then visit our dealership to explore your Lexus lease return options today.

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